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Sons of Ellis Valentine

His name was Youppi!, he wore a diamond...

Not everyone in Quebec has forgotten the Expos. Some people can’t get rid of them, apparently.

In what could serve as an almost perfect metaphor for the long, sad and twisted tale of the beautiful Canadian city losing its long-suffering baseball franchise, a relic — a nearly life-size avatar of the team’s old mascot, Youppi!, clutching a slightly smaller version of itself — from those long-ago days has been located in Quebec City, just a three-hour drive from downtown Montreal and Le Stade Olympique.

“It belongs to my father, not to me…he left the house 5+ years ago and since then it’s been sitting in a corner,” says the proud owner, who stays anonymous here for his own damn good.

“My allergies almost start just from looking at it.”

Youppi (Yippee! or Hooray! in French), it should be noted, has since found new employment as the official mascot of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, which doesn’t help explain exactly what the fuck he’s supposed to be. He even has his own website where you can watch him pretend he’s trapped inside an invisible box, among other mime-like behaviors, because the Québécois are clearly insane.

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