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Fall From Grace: Electric Boogaloo Edition

We are all Landon Donovan. (

Thank goodness we are not all Landon Donovan. (Bumpshack)

There appears to have been some sort of contest between England and Germany yesterday. (SB Nation)

…and something about it did not go better than expected. (CrunchGear)

Joe Torre is not very good at baseball anymore. (LA Times)

Kige Ramsey wears a ridiculous straw hat and tries to stop penalty kicks. (Kige Ramsey)

Is the Supreme Leader experiencing an appropriately agitated emotional response? (This Modern World)

Sci-Fi Air Show is fake, creator of Sci-Fi Air Show is cruel trickster. (Sci-Fi Air Show)

New Animal Collective video features surfing, beards. (Pitchfork)

The Backstreet Boys still have fans? (SFGate)