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Not If You Were The Last Southie On Earth

Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness!

There is a talk show, an Internet Talk Show, where three guys in oxford shirts buttoned all the way up but not tucked in and the sleeves are also rolled all the way out and buttoned, these three guys are from Boston, and they’re Boston Celtic fans. And the premise of this show is that these guys in the shirts talk about the Celtics. And nothing else. Also the set of this show is green. And there are three “seasons” worth of this talk show on Vimeo, and each season has like 34, 35 episodes. There are about 100 episodes. None of the guys are named Sully so far.

And I am all like: hell no.

But I’m not here to talk about things I won’t endure. Here’s a list of things I would happily endure before submitting to another Boston resident talking about his awesome collection of championship athletic trophies, acquired indirectly through fierce wishing and body paint. Here’s that list. Ready? OK, here goes:

  1. Anything short of death
  2. Possibly death
  3. Ice my bro/iced by bro

But really I just wanted to post up pictures of leprechauns. Delightful, magical leprechauns.

No one gets me gold!