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My Beautiful Mud Pit Back Home

That blurry nonsense up there might look like an out of focus piece of colored crap to you, but to me, it can only mean two things: it’s almost September, and some idiot put a camera on a pole again and is broadcasting Burning Man live over the Internet.

We here at Logical Point (which is a secret underground bunker in Manitoba, Canada, and not a chapter in Robert’s Rules of Order) will be live-blogging Burning Man through this stupid, shaky, blurry video feed intermittently throughout the week, usually for only a few minutes at a time, and mainly to make fun of the ravers, the stinky hippie drum circles, and this guy. At least until something more interesting comes along.

That current something more interesting? I’ma play some Sim City, yo. Seacrest out and stuff.

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