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Not the Droids You’re Looking For

My wife says my last post made me sound like a cranky old man so I’m just going to say:

Golden Gate Park is a very nice place for a dog to run around. If I had a dog I would totally take my dog to that park, and maybe even let him off the leash a little bit; he could chase squirrels, and I could chase him to stop him from chasing the squirrels, we would both get exercise, we’re out in nature when we’re getting that exercise, everything smells great, the ocean breeze is coming in over the eucalyptus stands, someone’s grilling meat somewhere, you have a dog, life is fantastic.

And your dog! Every weekend of the year — except the weekend they have Outside Lands there — he gets to run around and you don’t need to worry about him being trampled by hippies, hipsters, douchebags, skanks, fashion victims, scenesters, mooks, juggalos, frat boys, sorority girls, Phil Lesh fans, golf carts, Intel Zombies or overzealous minimum wage security types.

Win | win.

Alas, the beer is not free, and there is no Al Green. But you have a dog.

Choices, choices.

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