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Sorry Justin, You Dodger Now

Sorry Justin, tattoos are permanent! Yes, but you should have thought about that before you paid the man all that money! You would have just spent it on rims for your H2 or 100 cases of Purel Hand Sanitizer or season tickets to the UFC anyway, just admit it. No, there’s nothing you can do, the Dodgers have you under contract. I’m reading that contract right now, dude: you’re locked in. They’ve got you over a barrel! Game over man. No. Sorry. YOU TIGER NOW.

Albuquerque? Sure. Go hang out and play for the Isotopes for the time being, that’s fine. Good Mexican food in Albuquerque, and the air’s fresh and invigorating. Pretty soon we’ll all be watching the Isotopes.

You can watch Rafferty turn into a serial / It’s just like sleeping gas now / It’s so ethereal

Oh, Justin, by the way? The Visa people called and somebody ran up a huge fucking bill on Tapout shirts, you better go talk to them, bro, they seemed kind of insistent…

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