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That Thing That Everybody Is Doing Is Still In Style!

Inception! Everyone is waiting to see Inception! If you haven’t seen Inception there might be something wrong with you!

I’m so excited about Inception that every sentence in this post will end with an exclamation point! Except this one. Leonardo DiCaprio is in Inception! He was in that other movie that everybody liked, and then a lot of movies that only some people liked! Then he was in Shutter Island, and he was kind of old!

I don’t know anything else about Inception except that 1) Leonard DiCaprio is in it and 2) it was directed by Batman! There is some kind of plot that involves massive awesome special effects and upside-down buildings! It’s called Inception! Everyone’s seeing Inception!

My wife is excited about Inception! This is important because popular culture is virtually a blurry smudge to her! When she tells you she is excited about a popular movie or other kind of thing you should really get interested in it quickly, as well, because this is a very rare and delicate condition! Also it could mean that they talked about it on NPR that morning!

Sometimes three months after a popular culture thing is in the hivemind, however, my wife starts to talk about that thing, because Mike Watt was discussing it on his podcast between bonghits with Brother Matt on the Watt From Pedro Show! And then I have to tell her that this thing is sadly no longer relevant and/or available, and we go watch an old episode of “The Office” on DVD instead! Not this time! She is very up to date on Inception!

So I think might have to go stand in line to watch Inception and see what all the hoopy is about! But not this weekend, because I am going to wear short pants and travel to Sacramento to visit the State Fair of California and watch farmers in overalls milk goats! There is also an actual Dog and Pony Show, and you kind of have to go look at that when it comes to your state!

But after that I’ll go see Inception! Or maybe I’ll wait until it’s on cable! I’m pretty excited about it either way!

  1. The wife
    July 21, 2010 at 13:54

    It’s really funny because it’s totally true.

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