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Hidden Informations

Letter from Mrs. Alice May Williams
Dr. Edison Pettit and Dr. Seth B. Nicholson

Cat. #0001


Tuesday July 7th
Dr. Edison Petit
Dr. Seth B. Nicholson

Dear Gentlemen,

Some weeks ago I wrote you a letter. Not yet having heard from you I was wondering if you received my letter I wrote you from Homai. Since, I have shifted from Homai, to Auckland. So I thought I would send you my new address. I want to tell you I am not after money & I am not a fraud. I believe I have some knowledge which you gentlemen should have. If I die my knowledge may die with me, & no one may ever have the same knowledge again. Because if people hear talking they want stick, they go & do away with their selves. I have gone through frightful things still I go through it & I am beginning to get knowledge. I would write down & tell you what I no. But I would sooner wait till I hear from you. Because you are both strangers to me & my letter may go astray. When one writes one needs peace & quietness

I have got half a house with another woman some years older. She will not let me sit quite a moment it is terriable she keeps wanting to no the inds & outs of everythink. She keeps running up & down the stairs in & out of the doors slamming them about & keeps wanting to talk & keeps wanting me to get ready to go out. It is awfull I dont no wether I am standing on my head or feet & still I am going through that treatment I told you. At times somethink works my mouth to talk out loud & I have got to be carefull of her hearing as she thinks I am mad, & makes all sorts of fun of me to people. So in a few weeks I may have a little house of my own, & in the meantime I may hear news of you people & then I will be able to sit down & write quietly without interference. you no yourself if people interfere with you you can’t do your work properly. I do want to tell you somethink because the entrance into the other world is worked different to what you ever thought & you will get a shock. When I tell you I dont want no money from you. It wont do you no harm to have my knowledge. So I will now conclude hoping you gentlemen are living & in the very best of health as I hear that people are dying in america, with the very hot weather they are having.

I Remain
Yours Sincerely
Alice Williams
Mrs. Alice May Williams
No. 18 Norman Street
Rocky Nook off Dominion Rd
Auckland. NZ.

P.S. Please excuse writing & mistakes as this lady is worrying me to get ready to go out. Please keep my letters secret till I tell you what I no. Then you can do what you like. A.W.

Stolen in entirety from the utterly fantastic Museum of Jurassic Technology. Go forth and give them money, or syrup, or whatever serves as local currency in your burg.

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