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The 60s: More Awesome Than You

Because they had this guy…

and his pal this guy…

…and they both knew how to fix stuff, and make American stoves work in the American wilderness using good-old American know-how and get-it-done and thar-she-blows and god knows what else and sure they dressed funny, because who wears that shirt?, but you’d go to sleep in your sweaty, burlap sack of a tent that weighed nine hundred pounds and took a team of five men three hours to assemble, grunting and yelling at each other the entire time, and when you woke up in the morning that guy would have bacon and coffee waiting for you on that magnificent American Stove.

And that’s why the ’60s were more awesome than you, Justin Bieber. Way, way more awesome.

The stove I’m so excited about is broken, it turns out. But I’m still stupid excited about it. Because you know why? Here’s why: the part that’s broke (the pump assembly seals are toast) hasn’t been changed since the ’30s, that’s why, and Coleman still sells every part on this stove in their catalog. So now the stove costs $17 instead of $7, but I mark that as a bargain for an otherwise bulletproof piece of equipment made by highly underpaid and overworked Polish immigrants in a sweatshop in the middle of Kansas for like the last 973 years.

Because I bought a printer last year they probably don’t even make ink cartridges for anymore. Fuck you, Canon.

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